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confront the 

sin of racism      

Racism is dehumanizing for all of us—for its victims and for those who victimize. As Catholics, we are required by our faith to confront the legacy of white supremacy and to undergo a process of transformation toward the goal of a more just society. The Catholic Racial Justice Collaborative—a multiracial group of Catholics from parishes and religious organizations throughout the archdiocese of St. Louis—seeks to elevate that pursuit. We strive to be a Catholic voice, heard above the din, urging our faith communities to acknowledge the history of racism in society and in our Church and to challenge its perpetuation. Our hope is to encourage meaningful interracial dialogue, to compel action that leads to racial justice, and in so doing, to more fully live the Gospel.


"Systemic racism is an immoral monster. The root problem is our incapacity to confront this brutal immoral monster who violates Black people and people of color."

Bishop Fernand Cheri

“Prove yourselves doers of the word, and not merely hearers who delude themselves."

James 1:22

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