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Juneteenth, the day that marks the end of slavery, is this coming Saturday, June 19th. It is important that all Americans understand the significance of this day. We celebrate Juneteenth as a critical moment in the African-American struggle for freedom from slavery as well as the enduring structures of racism in a country that at times seems intent on forgetting its sins. We encourage all Catholics to learn about Juneteenth and to make it a moment of action against the persisting realities of racism. 


Servant of God, Sr. Thea Bowman, talked about the importance of telling the “true truth.” Honoring this day is one way to do that.

Materials for your Parish celebration on June 13: 

Printable Juneteenth Summary Handout 

Juneteenth Child / Adult Reading List 

Sr. Thea Bowman Prayer Cards 

Additional Juneteenth Resources

Please click to register your Parish's commitment to celebrate the Juneteenth holiday.

Additional area events listed below!  

Sr. Thea Bowman
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