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Racist acts are sinful because they violate justice. They reveal a failure to acknowledge the human dignity of the persons offended, to recognize them as the neighbors Christ calls us to love.

Volume 1, Edition 1 - November 15, 2022 

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Parish statements: 

St. Alphonsus "Rock" Liguori Church - Grand Blvd, St. Louis MO 

St. Clare of Assisi - West County, St. Louis MO 

Parish communications: 

St. Cletus Peace & Justice Ministry - "The Channel" Newsletter Archive 

Member ConTributions:

What's Really Behind Critical Race Theory?Bill Weisrock Ph.D., St. Cletus Peace & Justice Ministry 

The Black Lives Matter Movement and Organization: Should Catholics Stand In Solidarity With Black Lives Matter? - Bernie Sammons, Ph.D., President and Founder Social Justice 4 All 

Invention of the White Race - Bill Weisrock Ph.D., St. Cletus Peace & Justice Ministry 


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